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                                                                                                            Celebrating the individuals and their

                                                                                                            Accomplishments and

                                                                                                            Respecting their rights by

                                                                                                            Empowering them with

                                                                                                            Support so their hearts will sing

Jericho C.A.R.E.S


Jericho's vision is to promote growth through education, creative arts exposure,

independent living programs andto encourage secured employment and entrepreneurship.


Steps to Enrolling


Jericho Adult Day Care Center, Inc.


Jericho is so excited to show you our program!  And just maybe you and your

Individual will join the Jericho Family and we will become one of your Individual's

Team Members.


Here are the steps:

  • Call to schedule a tour of the facility

  • Notify your support coordinator that you have Jericho as selected your Day Program.  Provide support coordinator contact information so that Jericho Adult Day Care can confirm all information given.

  • A Trial Period of two days may apply for behaviors and/ or group placement if applicable.

  • After a successful Trial Period, someone from Jericho will call you and set up an appointment to begin the Intake process.

  • Complete Pre-Enrollment Packet after your tour

  • We need a copy of the Individual's Medicaid card

  • Complete Enrollment Package with all required information (this can be done at home).

  • If your individual is in another Day Program a 30 day notice of discharge must be submitted

  • A Prior Approval (PA) must be generated with Jericho as the Provider  before services can start.

  • The P.A. may take between 2 weeks up to 2 months (please be mindful of how lengthy the process could be)

  • Jericho Adult Day Care will notify you about your request for transportation for

your Individual.


If you have, any further questions please contact the front office at (770-477-5644)

Thank you,

Mrs. Briggs - CEO

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